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Triple CBD Set


Product Description

For a complete enjoyment of the benefits and flavor of our CBD coffee!


3 Bags, 8oz, CBD 100% Hawaiian Coffee


Our CBD Coffee is made from 100% Hawaiian Coffee, grown in Kona.

Roasted to a flavor profile between our Medium and Dark roasts, we coat our freshly roasted Hawaiian coffee, in CBD-infused MCT oil, right when the pores of the beans are still open from the roast.  MCT oil is flavorless, and acts as a carrier for the CBD; MCT oil has many benefits on its own.

When you open our CBD coffee, it will be oily - this is Not because the coffee is old! It is because we coat our freshly roasted coffee with CBD-infused oil.

Whole bean only!

We will ship all orders within 2 weeks of receipt.  Please provide 2-4 weeks for delivery.  All orders are shipped via USPS priority mail.