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One genuine 100% mongoose pelt hide fur from our farm


Product Description

One genuine 100% mongoose pelt hide fur from our farm. One tanned WHOLE MONGOOSE PELT. MONGOOSE PELTS are very rare and difficult to find in the taxidermy world and for fur in,general. However because they are a pest in Hawaii, these are available in a very limited quantity. You can buy then to make fur coats or fur clothing, as we as genuine mongoose paint brushes.

These furs are 100% sustainable. When you purchase these pelts, you are not only helping prevent overpoaching of the Indian Mongoose in India, who are endangered from overpoaching, but you are helping us protect native birds and plants on Big Island Hawaii, which are devastated by the mongoose population eating baby birds and their eggs, as well as the seeds of native plants.

We will ship all orders within 2 weeks of receipt.  Please provide 2-4 weeks for delivery.  All orders are shipped via USPS priority mail.