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Kona Coffee Leaf Tea


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Kona Coffee Leaf Tea.

You are buying 2 oz of Kona coffee leaf tea or 28 servings using 2 grams of tea per serving.

"Coffee leaf tea has been drunk in Sumatra, Ethiopia, Jamaica, India, Java, and Sudan for centuries.

From the 16th century to the 19th century, Ethiopian farmers set aside their harvested coffee for trade or consumption in special ceremonies. As a day-to-day drink, the Harari people in Ethiopia instead enjoyed €œkuti €.

Kuti was made by boiling coffee leaves in hot water, sometimes with a pinch of salt or some sugar. It was generally boiled for at least 30 minutes, as it was believed that the longer the leaves were boiled for, the sweeter the resulting brew would be.

Coffee leaf tea bears some similarities to green tea, but it is more earthy and sweeter. It is lower in caffeine than green tea, and thanks to its high levels of antioxidants, it has historically been believed that it cures or relieves cold symptoms.

In the 19th century, Dutch colonists transported coffee plants to designated farming regions in Indonesia. Workers on the coffee plantations were forbidden from consuming the coffee they harvested, so they drank something called €œkawa Daun € instead.

Kawa Daun was made by drying coffee leaves in the sun to reduce their bitterness. The leaves were then smoked and roasted for a few hours. Finally, they would be steeped in boiling water, then served in a coconut shell. Today, kawa Daun is often made with sugar, condensed milk, and ginger; sometimes, bamboo might be added, or an egg may be stirred in."

-Perfect Daily Grind > Café Owner > What Is Coffee Leaf Tea?

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