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Health & Flavor Kit - Kona Leaf Tea, Turmeric Powder, CBD Coffee


Product Description

Enjoy the potent benefits of these plants while igniting your tastebuds and senses. This can be considered an anti-inflammatory gift set!



1 Biodegradable Tin, 100% Kona Coffee Leaf Tea

1 Jar, Hawaii-Grown Turmeric Powder

1 Bag, 8oz, CBD Coffee


Kona Coffee Leaf Tea - This is made from the Leaves of the Kona Coffee plant. It is semi oxidizing and thus tastes very similar to an Oolong tea.

The leaves of the Kona Coffee plant have 1/2 the caffeine of a cup of coffee, and twice the polyphenols and antioxidants! Antioxidants are often used to be beneficial for issues such as heart disease, cancer, weight loss, and general wear and tear on the body.


Hawaii-Grown Turmeric Powder - Our turmeric is organically grown right on our coffee farm and is certified organic with the rest of our crops. We make our turmeric powder fresh weekly and do not cook it but dehydrate it to retain its benefits. Because turmeric has an unusually strong ability to draw out heavy metals from the earth as it grows, most turmeric powder has lead in it and it has even been controlled or banned because of this.

Big Island has such young soil that there is nearly no lead in the ground; thus, turmeric grown in Hawai'i has no high amounts of lead. We are happy to share our lab results showing our turmeric has zero or below the detectable amounts of lead. 

Turmeric has potent anti-inflammatory properties and has been used in many cultures for joint and bone pain and other inflammatory issues, as well creating a rich, bright flavor as a spice in recipes. We have been told from people who cook often with turmeric powder that ours is the freshest they have tried!


CBD Coffee - Our CBD Coffee is made from 100% Hawaiian Coffee, grown right here in Kona.

Roasted to a flavor profile between our Medium and Dark roasts, we coat our freshly roasted Hawaiian coffee, in CBD-infused MCT oil, right when the pores of the beans are still open from the roast.  MCT oil is flavorless, and acts as a carrier for the CBD; MCT oil has many benefits on its own.

When you open our CBD coffee, it will be oily - this is Not because the coffee is old! It is because we coat our freshly roasted coffee with CBD-infused oil.

CBD has been used to promote many types of healing from its potent anti-inflammatory benefits, from arthritis and joint pain to asthma and lung health, and others. People who are sensitive to caffeine tend to like this combination as the coffee still provides an alert wake-up while the CBD can have calming effects that counter the caffeine jitters.

Whole bean only!

We will ship all orders within 2 weeks of receipt.  Please provide 2-4 weeks for delivery.  All orders are shipped via USPS priority mail.