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Why is Kona Coffee So Expensive?

A lot of people ask why is Kona Coffee unique and so expensive?
1) We're the only coffee that has an active steaming volcano adding micronutrients from the mantle of the earth on a daily consistent basis in small amounts which do not damage the coffee. This above all other reasons makes the coffee hear consistently incomparable to other coffees.
2) All our coffee is handpicked, and we pay american wages, which work out to between 12-25 dollars an hour. The coffee you buy from any other region in the world will be paying thier labor 10 cents to 5 dollars an hour max. If they are lucky.
3)Because we pay everyne 1-2 dollars a pound for picked coffee, they are working much harder and happier than someone who is paid 1-2 dollars per 100 pounds of coffee. Therefore they coffee they pick will be perfect ripe coffee. You can pay someone to pick 100 bananas per 1 dollar, and they'd just go through and pick all the underripe bananas to make more money. that's the same thing with coffee.
4)We are not plantation coffee. Our coffee sits on the side of mountains, so plantation style farming, which depletes the soil quickly is impossible in Kona.
Because of the climate, volcano, labor situation, and typography of the region, Kona Coffee is naturally number 1, and there is nothing any other coffee regions can do to challenge that other than with a lot of PR and gimmicks which may backfire, like the civets thing -- since civets, like mink, are now known carriers of covid-19.