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What is special about the Climate in Hawaii?

What is special about the Climate in Hawaii?

The Climate in Hawaii is particularly unique on the planet, and explains why certain produce such as coffee, turmeric, tea, and other tropical roots gets so much larger and tastier in Hawaii. The climate which the volcano produces is unique to hawaii, and gives Hawaiian Turmeric, Ginger, and Coffee particularly strong active compounds.  

First and foremost, Hawaii has an active "hawaiian eruption" which is the only one in the world.  A hawaiian eruption is a smoldering simmering seething eruption, which is usually slow and consistent, rather than explosive.  This produces what is known a the VOG or volcanic fog which has been found to enrich the rain and soil of the island with micronutrients, as well as acidifying the soil when it rains, providing just the right conditions for coffee and turmeric to grow to its full genetic potential.


The micronutrients found in the volcanic fog include molybdenum selenium and zinc, as well as other small amounts of strontium, antimony, and other rare metals.  In large amounts, these metals would be toxic, but in the small amounts added daily to the rain, they cause plants to develop colors and flourishes as well as flavors which are not found outside of Hawaii.