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Oxidation skin conductance and dark spots

Oxidation skin conductance and dark spots
Let’s talk more about how oxidation and skin conductance can affect your skin. Oxidation occurs whenever we are exposed to a stressor. This happens because our body responds to stressors by producing energy to fuel repairs or to detoxify wounds. However both these processes will produce peroxide radicals because your body consumes hydrogen in The process of making atp for energy. If your body does not have a means to eliminate peroxide by products these peroxide radicals will eventually continue to circulate and gather around your body. Your skin is one of the safer places where your body can deposit and eliminate free radicals along with your lungs and your kidneys. However eliminating peroxide through these avenues cause damage along the way including skin damage. To treat this we have to research a hydrogen producing digestive bacteria while seeking to eliminate other microbes that may produce side products such as alcohol which do not have free hydrogen to quench the free radicals.

Hydrogen, anti oxidants, and peroxide absorbing substances will help clear your skin and body of inflammation producing peroxide’s.

When your skin gets damaged what happens? It depends on your diet since everything you eat ends up coming out in your sweat. Your sweat will encounter the peroxide’s in your body or will also contain peroxide and sugars from your diet. These sugars react to form the pigmented residue. Even more problematic once a sugar is oxidized it becomes oxidizing and so remains in place and sometimes grows as more sugar becomes available in the skin. Thus once you have peroxide’s in your skin and internal fluids a chain reaction begins happening. Your body eliminates the bacteria in your body due to high peroxide levels and your peroxide levels continue to build since the once source of natural hydrogen in your body is your bacteria “natural gas.”

We will be conducting an experiment in the next season to see if a combination of enzymes and hyrogen can eliminate well established skin blemishes!