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11 Reasons why you should drink Kona Coffee everyday

11 reasons why you should drink Kona Coffee everyday.


1) Kona Coffee is the freshest coffee you can find in the world, and has the largest concentration of micronutrients anywhere.

2) Kona coffee is grown 100% in the United States and you are supporting American farmers when you purchase Kona Coffee.

3) Kona Coffee has powerful anti-oxidants.

4) Kona Coffee increases your vigilance and ability to perform complex tasks.

5) Kona coffee is a prebiotic and supports the growth of microorganisms.

6) Kona Coffee is the richest coffee in the world and gives you a pick me up without any mycotoxins.

7) Kona Coffee is a fermented product and you get some of Hawaiis unique probiotics when drinking coffee.

8) Kona Coffee has chlogenic acid which can help in joint pain.

9) Kona Coffee is full of humic compounds which help to increase microbiotic diversity.

10) Kona Coffee supports native hawaiian children's education.

11) Kona Coffee is picked by hand.